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Leader's Pace Ratings:

Leader styles vary greatly. Some are very fast paced with few stops; others travel at a very slow pace and stop frequently. Regardless, you are required to be properly equipped and able to stay with the group.

You must keep in mind that the leader's speed is but one portion of what may affect the difficulty of a hike. How high up a mountain the hike starts; the total mileage; the total elevation gain (up hill) and loss (down hill); and the type of terrain upon which you will hike may also greatly affect the difficulty of a hike, regardless of how fast or slow the leader might walk.

Below is a list of our leaders grouped according to how fast or slow they normally pace their hikes. If you have any doubt about how you might fit in, or have other questions, please contact the leader to discuss the hike.  These ratings only serve as a guide as to a leader's style and is not a substitute for you being in proper physical condition to participate in the outing.

Fast pace, few stops:
Adrienne Shultz Alex MacCollom Beverly Schilling
Henry Smith Marilu Carter Randy Brendia
Ted Lenzie  

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Moderate pace, few stops:
Arlene Jamar Chuck Dotson Dilky Bruggman
Elaine Holly Wenger Ingrid Bruckner
Jack Tolomei Jean Crossley Jeff Utberg
John Meininger Kath Giel Kathy
Linda Geraci Mary Menconi Michael Brandt
Mike Ranta Pam Walker Richard Crescitelli
Rich Juricich Serena Fong Tom Sorensen
Tracy Miller Greg Hoyt


Moderate-to-easy pace with more stops:
Barb Miller Frank Gray Katherine Sargent
Madeliene Fong Margaret Bundy Martin Farber
Noelle Anderson Sandy Dunn Stan Jones
Tony Loftin

Very slow pace with frequent stops:
Harold Elliott

Note 1: Please provide any comments or suggestions concerning this rating system to Tony Loftin 916.448.3230 or HikingTony@earthlink.net

Note 2: Participants must sign a liability waiver.  If you wish to read it before participating on an outing, please go to http://www.sierraclub.org/outings/chapter/forms/ or contact the Outings Department at 415.977.5528 for a printed version.

Note 3: CST 2087766-40.  Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.

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