From the Chair : Marilyn Jasper


We give a big shout-out of gratitude to those of you who volunteered to help the Placer Group Sierra Club in 2014. We’ve had to cut back many activities due to a greneeat d for more volunteers, but we deeply appreciate those who stepped up and kept us active.

Conservation: We’re dancin’ as fast as we can with new development proposals coming to life, wildlife issues, amendments to zoning ordinances, etc., that may create negative impacts in the future. Along with these, we receive desperate calls from people asking for help when an egregious development breaks ground in their communities and disrupts or destroys natural resources (and their lives).
Unless citizens stay vigilant (become “watch dogs”), once any project reaches the groundbreaking stage, it is often too late to make substantial changes or to stop it. The time to weigh in with comments and concerns is at the very beginning. Ask the city, county or lead agency to be put on their mailing lists to receive all notices or actions on proposals. Be sure to check agency websites, check agendas, especially the “Consent Items” list, and stay informed to be effective.

Fundraising: Our fundraising efforts help pay for Placer Group regular expenses such as booth space at events, handout materials, annual mailed newsletters, rent for meeting rooms, post office box, website assistance, consultation with legal experts as needed, and other one-time costs. Our primary fundraiser has been our annual calendar sales, and we send an- other thank you to all of you who regularly purchase them, for yourselves and or as gifts to others. Any ideas for fundraising are always appreciated.

Great Little-Known Resources: Did you know that the Sierra Club has a radio program and that you can subscribe to it? This gem, “Sierra Club Radio,” is filled with wonderful interviews (all archived on the website) that can be heard at any time convenient for you. The great list of diverse, informative topics and links to listen can be found at com/podcast/sierra-club-radio/id209893919?mt=2

The Sierra Club California’s California/Nevada Wilderness Committee puts together an outstanding little periodical called Words of the Wild. It deals with wilderness issues, book reviews, essays, commentaries, outings and so much more. The latest issue can be found at sites/

Since this is my 16th year as Chair of the Placer Group, it’s long past the time for me to step down. My plans are to remain somewhat active with the Sierra Club but other “activism” hats I wear are getting heavy! I’m hoping others from our over 1,600 Placer Group members will start coming to our ExCom meetings to get their feet wet, learn the ropes and help make a smooth transition so that the Placer Group will hit the ground running in 2016. If you’re a member, are interested and/or would like more information as to what might be expected, either come to our next Member/ExCom meeting on February 4 or contact me.

Happy New YOU for 2015.


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