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Private Event Centers in Ag/Farm Zones: Putting it mildly, we were disappointed with Placer County Board of Supervisor’s vote to deny our appeal at their March 12 meeting. 

We provided the supervisors with compelling facts and laws to justify a reversal of the Planning Commission’s earlier approval of a private event center that does not belong in lands zoned for ag and farm uses. The Ag Commission, MAC’s and the Planning Director had all asked that the zoning ordinance be amended to define and differentiate between Community Centers and Private Event Centers and to set parameters for the latter.  However, the supervisors ignored all requests and voted to allow a commercial private event center with its 232 events per year in addition to its wine tastings that are granted for wineries.


 To view the torturous proceedings, go to and click on “Watch meetings online.  Then “Jump to” the 10 am agenda item.

Worse, there are more to come!  Currently there are two more commercial private event center applications coming forward in Res/Ag and Farm zones.  It behooves anyone who is concerned about the environment to pay attention to such proposals.  Finding loopholes in the county’s ordinances and shoehorning incompatible land uses into areas where they were never intended is unacceptable and not good governance.

Last, on a personal level, although I plan to continue being active with the Sierra Club, we have reached a tipping point.  Unless others step up to help lighten the load, at the end of this year many of our current activities will be curtailed, including this newsletter, our monthly public presentation meetings, tabling, watch-dogging and monitoring city and county proposals, etc.  We are simply stretched too thin.


As a nonprofit, we are not unique in our constant pleas that beg for more volunteers.  We greatly appreciate those of you who are willing to work when you can—all our lives are incredibly packed!  However, for consistent activities to continue, it’s now a leadership commitment that must materialize, as well as support from volunteers.  My priorities will focus more on wildlife, animals, and related legislation which are all intricately tied to environmental issues.

We’ve done our darndest, but we simply can’t carry on without big time help.  It’s your Sierra Club—make its activities work for you by working for it.








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