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Land Use Planning Air Quality
Water and/or Sewer Planning  Affordable Housing
Transportation Planning Alternate Modes of Transportation (bikeways, pedestrian, public transit)
Forestry Wilderness
Open Space Endangered Species Protection

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Hiking Canoeing
Birding / Nature Study Family Outings

Activity Sections:
Singles Section Seniors Section
Photography Section Gay / Lesbian Sierrans

Service Projects Event or Program Planning
Meeting Food / Refreshment Committee  Staffing a table or booth at special events
Phone banking Writing letters to the editor
Contacting elected representatives Providing Public testimony
Website Team Membership Committee
Attending Chapter Conservation or Executive Committee Meetings

Skills you could contribute to the Sierra Club

Media / Public Relations Research
Lobbying Electoral Politics
Legal Commenting on EIR's
Expertise in a Particular Issue Help in the Chapter Office
Bonanza Newsletter (proofreading, Pagemaker, graphics, advertising manager)