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Voting for local Sierra Club Leadership Positions Begins in Early December


Watch your email and mailbox for Sierra Club chapter & group ballots

The Sierra Club is a democratically run environmental organization. Each year every member receives a ballot so they can vote for candidates for their local group's Executive Committee, and that of the chapter which oversees the groups.

At the chapter level we offer paperless online voting to all members for whom we have valid email address. Those with active spam filters may need to check those folders early in December.

If you do not receive a ballot by mail or email by December 7th, please contact our office at (916) 557-1100 ext. 119 or



Bera Wins!

Ami Bera

In Congressional District 7 the Sierra Club worked hard in support of Ami Bera. After trailing by more than 3,000 on election night, once all the ballots were counted in subsequent days Bera made up ground to finish ahead by 1,400 votes. A leader in the effort to fight climate change has been returned to Congress!

In Sacramento County all three races for the legislature went to the candidates that spent the most money


In Sacramento County's Assembly District 7, Assembly District 9, and Senate District 6, each of the two candidates attracted substantial expenditures from interests groups, much of it going into distribution of misleading campaign flyers. In all three races, the side that spent the most money won. It's but one more example of the need for campaign finance reform.

  • In AD 7 Sierra Club-endorsed Kevin McCarty (D) defeated Steve Cohn, with 58.6% of the vote
  • In AD 9 Sierra Club-endorsed Darrell Fong (D) lost to Jim Cooper, with 45.8% of the vote
  • In SD 6 Sierra Club-endorsed Roger Dickinson (D) lost to Richard Pan, with 46.4% of the vote

How other Sierra Club endorsements fared Nov. 4th

  • State Attorney General: Kamala Harris won, with 56.4% of the vote
  • State Treasurer: John Chiang won, with 57.8% of the vote
  • State Controller:  Betty Yee won, with 52.9% of the vote
  • Secretary of State: Alex Padilla won, with 52.6% of the vote
  • Insurance Commissioner: Dave Jones won, with 56.5% of the vote
  • State Superintendent of Public Instruction: Tom Torlakson won, with 52.2% of the vote




  • CD-01 Heidi Hall (D) lost, with 37.9% of the vote
  • CD-03 John Garamendi (DI) won, with 52.6 % of the vote
  • CD-06 Doris Matsui (DI) won, with 72.0% of the vote
  • CD-09 Jerry McNerney (DI) won, with 52.1% of the vote
  • CD-10 Michael Eggman (D) lost, with 43.6% of the vote.


Local Offices

Chico City Council:

  • Lupe Arim-Law lost, coming in fourth with 14.1% of the vote
  • Scott Gruendl lost, coming in sixth with 12.6% of the vote
  • Forough Molina lost, coming in fifth with 13.2% of the vote.


Sacramento City Council, District 3:

  • Jeff Harris won, with 56.8% of the vote.


SMUD, Ward 3:

  • Mario Guerrero lost, coming in second with 27.0% of the vote.


Local Ballot Measures


  • Measure L in the City of Sacramento [strong mayor proposal] on which the Sierra Club had an Oppose position, was defeated, with 57.2% voting no
  • Measure M (growth limit) in El Dorado County, on which the Sierra Club had a Support position, lost, with 42.0% voting yes


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Global population

in the news


In recognizing World Population Day, July 11, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune  noted, “The problem is not simply what we are doing (climate disruption); it's also how many of us are doing it. Population growth has...a big effect on our climate.“

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Help Permanently Protect the Berryessa Snow Mountain Region!


Berryessa Snow Mountain


With the Sierra Club and other coalition partners, Tuleyome is spearheading a campaign to permanently protect over 350,000 acres of federal public lands in the Berryessa Snow Mountain region. This region provides wonderful opportunities to hike, horseback ride, and hunt, camp, fish, bird watch, enjoy water recreation, and more.

Find out how you can help protect this region >>>






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